B Full Training



to be able to enroll with us, bring:

Training phases

Phase 1

Phase 2

Within 12 months of obtaining your driving license, you are legally obliged to complete two perfect drives and one driver safety training course

There should be a gap of at least 1 month between the modules and at least 3 months between the 1st perfection run and the 2nd perfection run

The perfection drives and driver safety training can be done or booked in our driving school.


B Full Training

Theory: 32 units

Driving: 18 TU (including overland night drive)

  • Registration, course, insurance, preliminary examination € 520,-
  • 1. Theory test - and practical test GRATIS*
  • 18 B driving lessons ** € 1080,-
  • Overland night surcharge € 45,-



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When paying the entire training costs in advance

* A minimum of € 520 must be paid upon registration. in the
The enrollment package includes the respective first attempts
to the exams, any repeat exams
calculated as follows:

PC exam:

1 module € 98,-

– 2 modules €135,-

Practical exam € 155,-

** 18 B driving lessons (50min € 60 / hour)

from 4 p.m. surcharge of €10,-

from 8 p.m. and on Saturdays surcharge of €15

New legal regulation from December 1st, 2016:

6 UE main training compulsory, thus a total of 18 UE
including overland night trip